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About Us

TML started his business operation in 2008 with a strong mission to provide express payment services globally to millions of migrant workers in Malaysia. With a humble starting of 3 branches in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Today TML is the leading money services business with more than 70 branches locations geographical spread in Malaysia.

We have an average growth rate more than 10% in transaction numbers and value each year since our inception. Our business philosophy remains committed to its original values of trust, reliability, integrity and customer-focus.

History and Background

TML was founded in year 2008 by a group of experiances professionals working in various fields namely banks, manufacturing ,services and information technology sectors. The mission is to bring money transfer services and electronic financial payment convenience to millions of migrant workers in factories, services sectors, agricultures, construction industries or in remote plantation at different geographical parts in Malaysia.

TML Money transfer system (P2P,B2P):powerful, secure, fast
to delivery sender cash to beneficiary owners

Our Vision,Mission and Business

TML Remittance is a multi-accessible money service business outlets present throughout Malaysia. it has many financial transaction payment method platforms that offer a refreshing approach to send funds to overseas either to individual persons as beneficiary or cross border payments for trade purposes.the resulting difference payment channel platform provides a powerful set of tools for efficient, effective, secure and accessible payment services.


Our vision is to provide an integrated payment solution that will address the use of our technology to enable people or corporates who are under served or unbanked to start using our financial services without having to access them through traditional bank branches.


Our mission is to achieve our vision through a formal out reach strategy to customers and capacity building of communities by bridging the financial divide and to bring cost effective solutions to as wide market as possible.

Our Core Business

1. Corporate Business Payment Solution (B2B)
2. Person to Person Remittance (P2P)
3. Cash pick up over TML branches counters in Malaysia.
4. Credit to Account to anyone of in Malaysian banks

Other Added-Value Financial Services to Customer

      Forex advisory role to SME, traders, factories, Importers and Exporters. Added Value Services      Our advisory role and function is to protect the profit margin of SME business or production and to shield the company from the impact of foreign exchange (FX) fluctuations on the earnings of their company and to protect its value.
     Payments-Collecting at point of Sales for on-line and e-commerce business       Point Of Sale (POS) payments are no longer just over the TML branches counter, they also includes payments from e-commerce or on-line sales on the internet, on mobile phones, ATM, e-wallet and on many other devices.
    Payment-Bill Collection both domestic and beneficiary home country     Collecting bills like utilities, import-export bills, government agencies bills in efficiently manner ,on-time making it easy for the payer to pay and reduce their hassle either locally or overseas particularly in China, Philippines and Indonesia.
    Top up mobiles, e-wallet both domestic and overseas     We offer cross-border payment solution for e-commerce, mobile top-up through mobile app, on–line and e-wallets facilities for china and Indonesia. E-wallet payment is convenient and more secure than other forms of online payment.


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Our great things!

Our approach is to ensure the beneficiary received the money on time. The payment system is designed in accordance to the regulatory reputed. For B2B, we ensure that cross borders payment to your supply fast and efficient, so as to reduce your cost of doing business.

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